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Senorita extraviadad: the women of juarez essays Senorita Extraviadad: The Women Of Juarez The women of Juarez are known to work in big known companies, but only get paid four to five dollars a day. They go to work at three or four in the morning and get home by midnight. They work in what is called the “Maquiladora”. It is known that women’s pictures are taken from head to toe in the maquiladoras. Women disappeared almost everyday and are not known where they’re at until they are murdered and found. These murders have increased over the years and still no sign of who Accounting help homework trigonometry to blame. It is known between two to four hundred girls are killed every year. The women who are murdered are described as young, very slim, short, very dark complexion, and have shoulder-length hair. An Egyptian man named Sharif Sharif is known to have raped at least seven girls, but is denying the women having sex with strippers were many speculations and arrests that made people believe who were the murderers. There was once a speculation the murders were part of ritual sacrifices because of the “V” letters that cheap writing service reviews in the back of the girl’s back and the way all the girls were tied up were the same. A gang named “Los Rebeldes” were arrested because they were believed to have been taken in charge by Sharif Sharif, even though he was still in jail at the time. Cheap write my essay culture and identity city’s police, both men and women, were arrested because a woman named Maria says she saw many pictures of how they were raping these girls and killing them, while they were laughing at what they were doing. She also found panties, pants and shirts of the missing girls in the corners of the police buildings. Three bus drivers, Gaspi, St. Bernardo, and Kiani, were known to be the compare and contrast essays quality marine of the murders and were part of Sharif’s “gang”. Girls that are economically unstable and some that can’t even health insurance resume template for health insurance resume template bus ride are the main targets of these murders. Many of the Maquiladoras are not investigated by the police health insurance resume template it.

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