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Monticello’s dome essays Thomas Jefferson began the long, tedious job of building his dream house in 1770 at the age of twenty-five. Along with being a congressman, international law oxford university press the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson was also the architect of Monticello. The original Monticello was built to take on conventional Cheap write my essay mcd success features. However, as Jefferson’s public career kept him away from Monticello for long periods of time, including five years spent as the nation’s representative to France, Monticello’s design began to change. In this report I personal data will be kept confidential concentrate on i think i failed my gcse english exam? dome, one of the major additions. I will quickly tell you a little background information of Monticello. Monticello is located near Charlottesville, Virginia on a hill that stands 867 feet above sea level. “When standing on top if the mountain, if one looks eat from the house over the Rivanna River to the gentle hills of Albemarle County. Facing the west one can spend hours watching the shifting light patterns on the Blue Ridge Mountains. And if one stands on the north terrace, one can see the University of Virginia” (Urofsky 21). Following Peter Jefferson’s (Thomas Jefferson’s father) death, Thomas Jefferson was given a large amount of land, including several in Albemarle County. Here is where he pick his ideal location for his house, and he named it “little mountain” or in Old Italian, Monticello. After living in Paris and visiting its great public buildings as well as the city and county cheap write my essay mcd success of the nobility, Monticello seemed small and provincial to Jefferson. “He declared himself “violently smitten” with the Hotel de Salm in Paris, now the Museum of the Legion of Honor across the Seine from the Louvre. He went to look at it often from the Tuileries, and this one - story town house with cheap write my essay mcd success dome certainly influenced him as he cheap write my essay civil war and industrialization out to remodel Monticello”(Urofsky 93). Jefferson remodeled other parts of Monticello but the dome was the major cheap write my essay mcd success. I.

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