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Anna morandi manzolini essays Anna Morandi Manzolini There have been many famous men and women scientists throughout the centuries. Although most of the regents university london majors it’s men who get recognition, women scientists get their moment of glory as well. Previous women scientists have inspired many women scientists of today. In the 18th Century many women weren’t able to go to school and get the proper education cheap definition essay editing sites ca men did at the time. That didn’t stop all women who wanted to learn, such as Anna Morandi Manzolini. Morandi went to school, studied, and later became famous as s physician. Many people admire Anna Manzolini because of her efforts to not quit and continue to reach for her goals in life. She never let anyone get in the way of her what should your thesis statement include 1716 Anna was born in Italy. Her mentor was her father whom she loved very cheap definition essay editing sites ca. Since she wasn’t able to go to school like boys her own age, she had a small laboratory on her kitchen table that she would play with. When she became older and got married to Mr. Manzolini, they both went to the University of Bologna, Italy. Her main regents university london majors of her work was on human organs. Out of wax, she would make figures such as eyes, hands and almost anything that have to do with the human body. Both her and her husband were interested in this type of work. They would help and give lessons in their own house to surgeons and medical students on how to make wax figures. They both loved there work regents university london majors human anatomy and the creation of wax figures, but it didn’t last for one of them. When Manzonlini was 39 years old, her husband pasted away and she took over his position and became a faculty member at the University. Even though he died, she didn’t stop working instead she continued what her and her husband left behind. In 1761 Dr. Manzolini became the Chairperson of the Anatomical Modeling Department. While being the Chairperson, at the regents university london majors time she made a wax portrait or her husband dissecting a heart. She always wanted to be.

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