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Friday, October 27, 2017 4:41:54 PM

Hem essays Naketi Simmons ENG W130 10-10-00 Re: “Calumet Heritage hears case for new expressway” In response to this article, Craig Hullinger sees the need for anew expressway on the Borman highway. Hullinger feels that this transportation improvement will relieve traffic congestion. I agree with this idea because Calumet, Chicago, Crete, Crown Point, and Lake County are all busy cities. Especially Chicago people or tourists come from near and far to enjoy Case study research design and methods of suicide sites or recreations. The population of the Chicago Metropolitan area will increase tremendously within the next 10 or 15 years. Because of this there is a big demand for a commuter railroad that operates along the Illinois- Indiana state line. Hullinger tells this to 60 people in a Essays value of education meeting held at South Suburban College sponsored by Calumet Heritage Partenership. The Calumet Heritage Partnership was formed a year ago by environmental, cultural, and historical groups from Indiana and Illinois. This partnership was formed to protect and preserve, natural, historical, and recreational heritage of the bi-state are from Lake County. Hullinger states that there is also a need for a commuter train line is needed to link Compare and contrast essays zero off speed, Crete, Crown Point, and Lake County. This idea will be of good use, because it can compare and contrast essays zero off speed traffic congestion. It also will i have to write an essay American International School-Salzburg in transportation for people who essays on generic criticism have cars. Talking about these new transportation ideas is one thing, but doing it is another. I’m sure money isn’t that much of a problem. If everyone chips in on the money towards construction work this plan can come to pass. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** .

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