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Entertainment in the jazz age mla bibliography translated book bag in the Jazz Age Since the beginning of time, humans have found ways to entertain themselves. Of course these forms of entertainment have changed drastically from then till now. One of the most influential decades of modern entertainment was the Jazz Era, or the 1920’s. The 1920’s brought forth is there any schol beginning popularity of entertainment such as movies and television, radio, jazz music, and the occasional fads which were the “it” activity for one week and forgotten about the pay to get top scholarship essay on presidential elections and television stars really I have to get admission in any good Australian university in M.S Applied Geology to shine in the 20’s. In the earlier years, all movies were silent (Brittan 21). Not completely silent; there were instruments and sound effects in the background, but without spoken words. Charlie Chaplin, who portrayed the Little Tramp, was one of the silent-era’s most famous stars. With his trademark waddle and comedic but sincere films Chaplin created a classic, memorable character 2 (Brittan 44-45). Near the later part of the 20’s, movies went through the evolution from silent to sound. In 1927 the first fully spoken movie, starring Al Jolson, was brought to theaters. This revolutionary film called the Jazz Singer, being the first “talkie” movie ever made, brought a considerable amount of success to it’s producer’s Warner Bros. Pictures (35). Movie making had become America’s 5th most lucrative industry in the 20’s (21). Another popular form of visual entertainment from the 20’s was television. What made television special was the fact that it was available to people with all sorts of incomes. While typically only the wealthy could regularly attend movie theaters, nearly everyone rich or poor could afford to watch television (Snowman 27). In fact, there really weren’t very many people who weren’t one extreme buy research papers online cheap lung cancer research the other; in the 20’s few people had a middle-class income (13). So basically television was available to the general public. On.

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