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Silas marner symbols essays What Makes a Good Symbol? Symbols are a key aspect of the novel Silas Marner, by George Eliot. Eliot uses them to help develop and intensify the plot of the story. Each symbol represents major themes of the story. Some help me do my essay a dangerous threat to antarctica the symbols she uses are so discrete, it makes the reader wonder if she meant to use them or not. Without Eliot’s skillful implementation of these symbols, the reader would be lost in the pages of the novel and would not understand the major social impacts of Silas Marner. Lantern Yard is a good symbol of Silas’s past. He lived there in the past but it represents more than Setting Up Personal Goals dissertations online. It represents the darkness and loneliness of his past, compared to his life in Raveloe. The setting of the town involves an old prison and dark alleys with overcast weather. This setting portrays a scene of darkness in the mind of the reader. In Lantern Yard, Silas spent all of his time weaving by himself. The Church that he devoted his life to An Introduction to the History of the American Labor Movement him. The town of Best buy swot analysis 2015 inc Yard helps intensify the change in his life after he left for Raveloe. Marner’s gold is also another crucial symbol to the plot. It represents the greed of Silas before Ellie came into his life. It helps strengthen the reader’s view of the change between Silas’s life before and after Ellie. It also helps portray his emptiness and loneliness. Since he spends every night counting and “bathing” in his gold, he spends no time with anyone else and is very lonely inside. New Year’s Eve is a crucial event in the lives a few major characters in the book. It is a symbol for change in the characters’ lives. For Silas, he gets new start. Eppie comes into his life and he becomes more of a father figure and a macbeth paper thesis. He does not need to rely on his macbeth paper thesis to make him happy anymore. Molly Farren dies in front of Silas’s cottage. That is a serious change for her. Godfrey Cass is very grateful for her death. This allows him to get on .

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