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F. scott fitzgerald hubungan internasional ui s2 institute the jazz age essays while in New York the trend was towards larger bands. Jazz is an American black expression that has been blended in by the white musicians. The mix of Jazz and classical music idioms has added wealth to the musical fabric of the 20th century On October 24,1929, a day known as black Thursday, the American Stock Market crashed. After a wild, bright and promising decade, the world economy failed. The United States, having reveled in the Jazz Age that F. Scott Fitzgerald helped to create and celebrate now faced the longest financial depression hubungan internasional ui s2 institute its history. Millions of people lost their jobs. Hunger became a fact of life for an increasing portion of the nation’s population. The era of flappers and philosophers and all-night parties in luxurious mansions, was over. Just as the Jazz Age ended, Scott and Zelda nearly lost everything. Throughout his life F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote many books, plays and short stories. During the Jazz Age he wrote three books, and one what to write for an essay introduction them would become his most successful published book ever. The book was This Side.

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