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Saturday, October 21, 2017 2:03:31 AM

Paleolithical age essays The Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages are best admission paper editing services for university very different ages. The main differences in these two ages are their climates. The climate in the Paleolithic Free secretarial resume samples was very cold causing thick sheets of ice, glaciers, to cover the land. Many of the people become nomads, people in search of food. In the Neolithic Age, people were able to stay in one place, start to farm and establish civilizations, because of warm weather. The different climate resulted to different lifestyles. These different lifestyles included religion, writing and system i have to write an essay American International School-Salzburg government. In the Paleolithic Age religion was very simple. The people believe that in after life. They felt that when a person died they should be buried with their most valuable possessions because they would need them in their after life. In the Neolithic Age they also believe in burying the dead. Free secretarial resume samples differences between the two ages’ religions were that in the Neolithic the people were Polytheism, believed in many gods. They believed in gods such as sun, river, and rain. Another difference was that religious leaders, such as priests, became political leaders. The priests were responsible for all aspects of life. In the Paleolithic Age, writing did not really exist. In this best admission paper editing services for university writing didn’t really exist because they were nomads. The fact that they kept moving from place to place in search of food, they didn’t have a use of writing. In the Neolithic Age, the weather was warmer allowing them to stay in one place. The warm weather caused a surplus of people, causing need of more, food, shelter and jobs. Pictograms, symbols that represent words, were used to keep records, laws, and the land history. They kept records of farming seasons so they could prepare for the next year. For example, the time fall semester 2018 university of akron the year when the crops world produce more, they would record it for the next year, so that they could plant more crops for more food. They also kept census, best admission paper editing services for university of people. Laws, to keep the.

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