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Process essay how to change a babys diaper essays How to Change a Baby’s Diaper As a teenager who might baby-sit or even as an adult, there will come a time when you’ll have to change a baby’s diaper. If you follow some basic directions, you should be able to safely change the baby’s diaper and make the baby a whole lot happier. First, you will need to gather a few items before you change the baby’s diaper. You will need a diaper, baby powder, baby wipes, a 210 in words spot to lay the baby down, a change of clothes in case the baby’s diaper leaks through on to his/her clothes, and of course, you need a baby. Keep in mind it’s important to get all items required before you begin, because under no circumstances should you leave the baby unattended. Leaving the baby unattended could cause harm to the baby if he/she were to roll off the table, couch, or any other location you choose to change their diaper. Second, you need to determine if the baby needs his/her diaper changed. To do this is simple. You would look at the baby’s diaper to see if it is wet. If the diaper is wet, it will have a swollen look to it. If you can’t tell by just looking at the outside, peel the tape, located on the front of the diaper back, pull the diaper down, and take a look inside. If the diaper is wet, it will have a yellowish discoloration on the inside. Also, if the baby has an awful odor about him/her it’s safe to texas wesleyan university pool he/she needs a diaper change. If you’re not sure you can look and see if he/she left you any surprises. Third, after cheap write my essay marketing of air and voda if the baby needs his/her diaper changed, and buy essay online cheap shaving gel assume he/she does, double check to make sure you have everything required before compare and contrast essays university high school started. If you’re sure you have all the items required, you’re ready to get started. Lay the baby down on a changing table, floor, couch, or whatever is readily available at the time. Keep in mind the place 210 in words choose should be a safe one. After layi.

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