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Sunday, October 22, 2017 3:07:18 PM

Film language makes or breaks a non-print north south university admission spring 2018 fashions essays If you read a written text and it has a certain effect on you, for instance it makes you scared, we can look closely at book reference page way the text has been constructed to see how the writer has used the tools at their disposal to create the fear. Reading a film works in exactly the same way except that the tools that are used to create meaning are different. We call these tools film language. Film Language generally consists of the use of Camera, Light and color, sound and editing. It is therefore understandable that, without appropriate film language and direction, a film will fail to successfully convey a specific meaning or narrate a particular story. Two films in recent times that have experimented and adopted a new film language style have been The Matrix and The Blair Witch Project coursework stanford edu debt validation which their success relied on their film language style. For most people, the first thing they say after viewing the Matrix is, the special effects were amazing or how did they do that? The film features a complex and revolutionary plot that is accompanied by groundbreaking special effects. The Matrix shows how the code of film is always changing and evolving with the arrival of new technologies and revolutionary techniques introduced by pioneering directors. A good example of this would be the use of ‘bullet-time’ in ‘The Matrix’ which has been used repeatedly in many films since, whether simply using the technique coursework stanford edu debt validation the same effect as in ‘Spiderman’, or parodying it as in ‘Shrek’. The film would have never been as successful if such technologies weren't available. The atmosphere created Physics- Motion the Matrix is dependant on it’s sound, editing, and visuals, which worked together to create a surreal, yet frightening realistic environment. It used surround-sound, computer generated digital effects. When the Matrix wanted action, Hollywood turned to Hong Kong and the hindustan times delhi university news fight choreographer, Yuen Wo-ping. Try and replay .

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