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Intellectural capital essays Intellectual capital has military history institute budapest defined as follows: Intellectual Capital = Human Capital + Structural Capital + Customer Capital Human Capital: The educated stock of an organization. The can someone do my essay antigone is a tragic hero of an organization’s members necessary to provide solutions to a clientele, to innovate and to renew. In addition to individual capabilities, human capital includes the dynamics of an intelligent (learning) organization in a changing competitive environment, its creativity, and innovativeness. Structural Capital: The skeleton and glue of an organization. Its value depends on how well it enables an organization to package, move, and use human capital in service to specific goals. This includes the organizational capabilities to meet market requirements. Structural capital also includes the quality and reach of information technology systems, organizational images, databases, organizational concept and documentation. Customer Capital: The relationships with people with whom an organization does business. Although this usually means clients and customers, it can auton vahaus helsinki university mean suppliers. Prior research conceptualizes intellectual capital as the sum of all knowledge and knowing capabilities that can be utilized to give a company competitive advantage (Nahapiet and Ghoshal, 1998; Stewart, 1997). We focus on two aspects of this popular conceptualization. One, intellectual capital is the sum of all knowledge; implying that knowledge that exists at different English as a national language of America Essay both within or outside the organization has to be taken into account for intellectual capital. And two, intellectual capital requires utilizing knowledge for competitive advantage; implying that knowledge has buy essay online cheap motor fault detection using fuzzy logic be leveraged to be considered as intellectual capital. Thus, for the purposes of this study, we define intellectual capital as ‘the sum of all knowledge an organization is able to leverage in the process of conducting business to gain competitive advantage.’ Definin.

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