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Women's rights essays FGM Female Genital Mutilation has been practiced for several thousand years in African and Asian countries. It is now being practiced among some people in Canada, America, and Europe. The practice includes the removal of the clitoris and labia, and the sewing up custom rhetorical analysis essay writer for hire for university the vaginal opening and wound. The girl’s legs are then left tied together for weeks while the wound heals. In sewing up the wound, it leaves an insufficient opening for the passage of urine and menses. (Fisher 143) Josephine Akyianu, “It is painful and leaves physical and emotional scars.” In many circumstances, the procedure is performed without sterilization and with the use of a dull knife, razor, tin can, or glass. A girl usually undergoes this operation between the list reference resume write of two to fifteen years of age. The scar and damage left by FGM creates difficulty in a woman’s life including painful urination, childbirth, and intercourse. It thesis statement proofreading websites us lead to chronic infection, stress disorders, haemorrhage, urinary tract problems, infertility, fibroids, sexual dysfunction, and death. (A Scar That Doesn’t Heal, Oprah Website) Often reasons for performing this practice are for the prevention thesis statement proofreading websites us marital infidelity, lesbianism, Hygiene and controlling sex drive. (Al Faruqi, 56) The people practising this believe that sexual pleasure is for men and that women’s pleasure is babies that are made. For parents, reasons by parents for FGM are the fear of infidelity and honour, and insistence of relatives and the community. (Fisher 144) FGM is rarely voluntary, and the child does not know that they sensitivity analysis template for business plan about to undergo this procedure. Acid Attacks Acid attacks on women and girls are rising. Most of the victims are young. Sulphuric cheap rhetorical analysis essay ghostwriting website usa and kerosene are weapons used to disfigure and kill women and girls. Reasons for these attacks are the refusal of an offer of marriage, small dowries, domestic fights, and disputes over property.(Terrifying Attacks Oprah.

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