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Sunday, October 22, 2017 7:38:47 AM

Sea life essays cal coasts of East Africa, Australia, and New Guinea; southeastern North America, Caribbean, and northern South America; the River Amazon; and the West African Coast (Bateman 341). The manatee’s inhabitation of tropical waters is a compliment to their low metabolic rate, because “little energy is expended in regulation of body temperature” (Bateman 342). The manatee’s large body size also helps it to maintain temperature. The manatee can store large amounts of fat and interesting political essay topics beneath their skin and around their incredibly long intestines (over 150 feet!) Despite all of this, however, manatees in the Atlantic Ocean do not venture into waters where the ! temperature falls below 20 degrees Professional content writing. Manatees will sometimes travel to areas with artificial heat, such as water near power plants in order to stay comfortable (Stewart 40). Manatees’ blubber allows them to survive for long periods of time (up Buy essay online cheap How to Become a Successful College Student six months) without food (Bateman 344). Manatees are referred to as “docile, slow-moving animals showing none of the athletic exuberance so characteristic.

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