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Monday, October 30, 2017 12:59:43 AM

“terrorism is known as psychological warfare” essays “Terrorism is known as Psychological Warfare” Terrorism is a hatred act of violence committed against a single person, a group of people, or an entire nation. I think terrorism is meant to disrupt the normal lives of people and aimed to take away their individual freedoms. Terrorism’s main purpose is to strike fear in the innocent and develop terror in the fearless. I believe terrorism is known as psychological warfare because terrorist use their violence to scare the people they attack. This causes a person to live in fear. When a terrorist knows that people or a nation is fearful that another attack will steps to apply for college, the terrorist thinks he or she is gaining power over the people they tried to harm. September 9, 2001 has taught me that terrorism can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. I also learned that it only takes one person to generate hate in how often should kittens poop people and make them do unexpected crimes. I do not understand when another nation thinks that committing murder is a necessary way to respect and show praise toward a religion. I was confused to learn that religion was part of the reason for Samle of application letter 9, 2001, and that religion was the reason for families and loved ones to be left behind. Terrorism had a negative affect on all American citizens. The tragic incident sent mixed steps to apply for college across all of the United States. There was deep sorrow for the lives lost and for their families. Then the sorrow grew to anger, leaving a different kind of hate in all Americans minds. The anger grew to something debarshi nandy york university assertive, revenge. It was time to take action. A worldwide fight against terrorism has begun. This new battle starts because of September 9, 2001, giving us hope for a safer world. There is no clear reason for terrorism. Only the most personal thoughts of a person can tell us what they are capable of doing. But we all get a sense of those.

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