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Ecuador Malaysia essay writing uk is bordered by Colombia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean. There are three distinct zones: the Sierra or uplands of the Andes, the Costa, a coastal plain between the Andes and the Pacific with plantations of bananas, cacao, coffee and sugar; and the Oriente, the upper Amazon basin to the east, consisting of tropical jungles who can do my term paper by rivers. Weather The weather in Ecuador is usually around 60-70 degrees in the rainforest, tropical and dessert conditions in the Galapagos, and freezing temperatures in the Andes. In the tropical rain forest there is alot of precipitation, which adds to this magical environment. STATS Population: 12,920,092 (July marijuana university of mississippi 283,560 sq km land: 276,840 shubhranshu patnaik deloitte university km water: 6,720 sq km Ecuador is about the size of South Carolina Capital: The Capital of Ecuador who can do my term paper Quito Currency Ecuador’s currency is a lot like the United States. $20 US is 20 Sucre. One Sucre for every one dollar US. This makes it very easy to watch your money. To eat at a typical resteraunt it would cost write great essays and dissertations websites around $8.00 a person. Ecuador “Land of the smoking mountains” Places of Interest There are many beautiful places to visit in Ecuador. There are lush rain forest and elaborate cathedrals. One place of particular interest is the Galapagos Islands. This small Island chain is filled with exotic animals and plants. You can see 200-year-old tortoises and many unique birds. The cathedrals in Quito are very elaborate on the outside with beautiful architecture and artistic paintings on the inside. There are also a few Inca ruins in Ecuador. There are also many active volcanoes in the Andes Mountains that have huge ice walls, which are great for climbing. Dangers Some dangers while visiting Ecuador are volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and taxicab rides. Many people in Ecuador are robbed in the taxicabs. Most of the natural dangers may be considered a thrill more than a danger. CULTURE Ecuador is filled wit.

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